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To all my Iglers who support #MUFC …. y’all are trying to hard to forget this Season but it’s already happening/ happened! Hahaha… by lennykush
April 23, 2014 at 08:18AM


as Moyes’ departure, he will lead the team in 4 matches left as interim manager..Wish he gets a good result..Wish he work hard..Wish everyone support him..Wish there is no insult like “Giggs Out”..Good luck Ryan Giggs, my favorite player since I loved this team.. #ryan #giggs #giggsy #interim #manager #Manchester #United #ManchesterUnited #MU #MUFC #GGMU #reddevil by ersalamanda
April 23, 2014 at 08:22AM

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"We gave away two terrible goals. But I thought prior to that we passed the ball brilliantly well. We kept the ball and had great control of the game. What we couldn’t do was create enough chances. They were two poor goals to give away, both on the break. We didn’t have a final through-pass or the final finish when the chances came, and there weren’t very many of them. So that was the disappointing part, that we couldn’t do that. The job is to win football matches. There is a lot talked about style, but it’s more important to win, and we didn’t do that."

- David Moyes (Premier League 2013/14: Everton 2 - Manchester United 0)